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Where do we produce?

We do not choose our production sites according to where it is cheapest, but according to where we find the best partners. We work on a continuous exchange with qualified companies and partners worldwide to maintain our quality standard.

We focus on good partnerships and long-term cooperation. We would like to work as closely as possible with the production department to ensure the quality standard of our products and to optimize processes together. This enables us to advance issues that are close to our hearts, develop new innovative products and at the same time protect and respect nature without compromising the quality of our products. A good partnership with a high level of mutual respect.

Production location Europea


For over 10 years Dos Caballos has been producing about 70% of its products in Europes.


Tailored trousers, helmet caps, headbands, wind vests and sample pieces are produced directly in the in-house tailoring department. Accessories such as caps and recycling purses from old jerseys are produced in the vicinity of Freiburg This way, we not only reduce transport routes to a minimum, but can actively intervene in the production process.


The production site in Italy has qualified employees and many years of experience in the textile industry. Traditionally they produce very good fabrics and seat cushions. We purchase high quality cycling clothing fabrics, triathlon fabrics, fleece fabrics and merino fabrics from them. Since the beginning of the company Dos Caballos, have been working together and developing innovative products.

Production location Asia


Our Asian partners have outstanding technologies and new developments in the field of functional fabrics. They have qualified textile processing and manpower. Selected materials are assembled on site. By eliminating another stopover, we can shorten our production routes. The technical equipment and working conditions are on a comparable level with our partner companies from Europe. They are well equipped and their customer service is unique. We have the idea and they have the technical knowledge to implement it optimally. From China we mainly purchase styles in small editions as well as the complete teamwear.