Our repair service

We attach great importance to the quality of our products, therefore we grant a warranty of 2 years. On top, our repair service ensures the longest possible durability.

A seam comes off? A sharp edge on the saddle has damaged the fabric? Luckily, a fall did not harm you, but your clothes?!
No problem:

1. Send us a photo of the damage by mail and we are looking for a solution.

2. You will receive detailed information from us, if and how we are able to repair the damage.

3. Confirm our offer and send us the article to the following address. Please enclose the repair form.

4. After we finish the repair, the item will be sent back to you. Depending on the workload it takes 1-3 weeks.

Change seatpad

Your bike pants are still good, but the seatpad has seen better times? Another case for our repair service! We offer different pads for exchange, these cost 15€ to 20€ plus 10€ for sewing. Again, you get an offer in advance.

Nr. 1 (from left) = 3D Carbon seatpad: 15€
Nr. 2 = High Performance seatpad: 20€
Nr. 3 = High Performance seatpad, lady: 20€
Nr. 4 = High Performance seatpad wide, lady: 20€

Do you have any questions? We are available between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm at +49 761 791990.




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